Suit seeks OK for white nationalist speech at Auburn

Suit seeks OK for white nationalist speech at Auburn

Suit seeks OK for white nationalist speech at Auburn

While there was shouting and protesting, as well as three arrests, police did not report any rioting.

As Spencer's profile grew, so did criticism of his movement; he became a target of antifa groups across the country, members of which have sucker-punched Spencer at least twice as he gave interviews to news outlets.

He said his Auburn appearance was sponsored by, a white nationalist site. The unidentified man chanted, "You're not my white", before exiting the room.

White Nationalist Richard Spencer wins in court to speak at Auburn University. "I'm willing to own the awful things that the white race has committed against other races. the things we have done to our own people, and these stupid, disgusting internecine wars".

He's also touched on a sacred topic to many in the south: SEC football.

In the end, Spencer spoke for about two hours, extolling the virtues of "white European Americans", the "alt-right" and identity politics. So Spencer just paid $700 to speak.

As one of the internet users cleverly noted, Spencer says everything the KKK men or nazis would, not using "jew" or the n-word.

Signs posted around Auburn's campus Tuesday cautioned students to stay inside in order to stay safe. U.S. District Judge Keith Watkin allowed the appeal on Tuesday and ordered Auburn to let Spencer speak.

None of the three were students at Auburn University or affiliated with the University in any way. The suit claimed the university violated free-speech rights by trying to stop Spencer's appearance.

Auburn University thanked the law enforcement agencies at the event for ensuring a "largely peaceful" evening in a statement released Wednesday by Mike Clardy, assistant vice president for communications and marketing at Auburn.

Auburn University had tried to cancel the speech due to safety concerns, but a federal judge ruled against the university, after the person who rented the auditorium for the event filed a lawsuit.

Spencer promised Tuesday night was "going to be wild".

"Discussing various ideas and perspectives is part of intellectual development, and we applaud those who did so in the spirit of respect and inclusion, even when faced with offensive views much different from their own", said the statement. We are aware that various campus groups have planned events for this evening.

Following the talk, Spencer took to Twitter to exclaim, "Amazing victory tonight!"

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