Teenage girls dies after shark attack in Western Australia

Josh Frydenberg says more options including a cull are open to the WA government

Teenage girls dies after shark attack in Western Australia

A teenage girl has died from a shark attack while surfing in Western Australia.

A 17-year-old girl died Monday after she was seriously injured in a shark attack as she surfed, with her mother and sisters looking on, off the southern coast of Western Australia.

Esperance Police have paid their condolences to the girl and described the circumstances as "devastating".

This is a developing story.

Local reports said that that girl's leg was badly mutilated and that she lost a lot of blood before she was pulled from the water.

The type of shark was not officially identified, but a medium-sized great white was reportedly seen in the area, according to the New York Daily News.

Wylie Bay has been closed until further notice, the website says. The Department of Fisheries was set to patrol the beach Tuesday.

Kelp Beds, also known as "Kelpies", is a popular surf break in a remote area also used for camping and four-wheel driving.

This fatal incident was close by to the scene of a 2014 shark attack that caused a man to lose his arm and hand, according to 9News.

Australia has averaged fewer than two deadly shark attacks a year in recent decades, but there has been an increase in attacks on the east and west coasts in recent years.

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