Train delays continue in NY following earlier mishap

Train delays continue in NY following earlier mishap

Train delays continue in NY following earlier mishap

New York City commuters dealing with up to 60 minute train delays Tuesday evening were temporarily restricted from accessing Penn Station because of crowding conditions.

The developing nightmare rush hour comes as Amtrak says it's putting together plans to renew infrastructure at Penn Station.

"This renewal effort will replace and rejuvenate the selected infrastructure, providing needed updates, and is different than the ongoing fix work" at Penn Station, said spokeswoman Christina Leeds.

Meanwhile, Amtrak says it is announcing a new plan to review infrastructure at Penn Station.

"We expect Amtrak will coordinate with the MTA and LIRR as they've committed to do to make the improvements necessary while minimizing impact to riders", DeFalco said. Major delays due to maintenance also hit the station a day earlier.

LIRR and New Jersey Transit riders dealt with another round of delays and cancellations during the peak evening commute on Tuesday. Amtrak spokesman Mike Tolbert told New Jersey 101.5 in an email that "all first responders and law enforcement personnel at New York Penn Station maintain constant contact through the NYP command center which was activated".

And on Friday, an Amtrak switch problem near Newark, New Jersey, caused more delays.

NJ Transit Executive Director Steven Santoro posted a message to riders apologizing for this week's delays and thanking them for their patience.

And just yesterday, morning commuters suffered thanks to a disabled Amtrak train and last night "Amtrak overhead wire problems" prompted a slew of delays for LIRR and NJ Transit commuters.

State Sen. Todd Kaminsky (D-Long Beach), who is vocal on regional transportation issues, said in a tweet Tuesday, "These delays and cancellations have gone on long enough, control of #PennStation should be taken from Amtrak".

Descending into Penn Station is already like something from "Dante's Inferno" - and now your commute is about to reach the ninth circle of hell.

"It's out of control", fumed Jesse DiBenedetto, 29, a construction worker who was waiting for a train to Long Beach.

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