Woman Arrested for Stealing Soda from Drake's Mansion

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Drake's house has been burgled by a mysteriously thirsty fan, who stole nothing but $10 in water and soda.

Though there were no signs of forced entry and it was unclear how the woman gained access to the house (or the soft drinks), she was charged with a felony burglary, according to law enforcement sources.

As TMZ reports, the parched pilferer was discovered in Drake's bedroom by one of the rapper's associates on April 3 at 10:30 p.m. local time. When Drake appeared to perform their collaboration Jumpman, a cacophony of squeals erupted from the audience and bodies rushed towards the stage from all sides. Drake himself wasn't home at the time.

A woman was recently arrested for breaking into the home of rapper Drake and drinking his soft drinks.

While inside Drake's residence Collins allegedly "consumed a Sprite, a Fiji water and a Pepsi".

Meanwhile, Drake made a surprise appearance during Future's Coachella set over the weekend.

When police arrived, the woman said she was allowed into the house, but Drake's camp says she entered unlawfully. As TMZ points out, it doesn't matter if $100,000 in jewels were stolen or just a couple of soda pops... if she enters illegally and takes stuff it's a felony.

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