Xbox One Beam Game Streaming And Revised Dashboard Arrive With Creators Update

Xbox One Beam Game Streaming And Revised Dashboard Arrive With Creators Update

Xbox One Beam Game Streaming And Revised Dashboard Arrive With Creators Update

The Xbox is getting its own version of the update, albeit without the "Creators" branding.

Three days after sending it to the Slow ring, Windows 10 Creators Update Insider Preview build 15063 is now being promoted to the Release Preview ring. Even the guide, which appears on the left side, undergoes a series of changes created to simplify the user's navigation. The console is now offering a new Home screen on which the fans will be enjoying the new menus by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.

"One of the first things you'll notice with this update is a new look for Home on Xbox One".

Microsoft has bought the company that created Beam in the month of August a year ago for a certain amount, which is not disclosed.

With the update, one can directly stream their Xbox gameplay from the Guide on their Xbox One.

Microsoft pledged that more features are on the way for both Windows and Xbox gamers.

You may use a service like Adguard or Windows ISO Downloader for that once they are published by Microsoft.

The Beam Streaming will be coming to PC users a little later on April 11 alongwith the Windows Creators update. Microsoft has managed to optimize the Xbox One further for speed, and are working to prioritize the most valuable content where games are concerned. If you have the latest Xbox One update, you already have Beam. Microsoft made changes to simplify the user interface and increase overall system performance. The major update, clocking 1GB, will bring to the table a host of interactive and cool features and functionalities to the gaming console, the most prominent of which is Copilot.

These are just some of the highlights of the upcoming update, but I'm sure there will be many more as it goes live on April 11. Numerous improvements in the new console update were created as direct responses to customer feedback.

The current Beam integration includes options for interacting with viewers and settings for the stream camera resolution.

The Microsoft Edge browser will handle tabs more efficiently, while Night Light will reduce the amount of blue light you're confronted with during the evenings, hopefully leading to a better night's sleep.

The series of changes and updates for Xbox One is started rolling out today and the entire players will be able to receive the updates. Screen time limits expands the console's suite of parental controls, giving parents the ability to set an exact number of hours their kids are allowed to play the Xbox One each day. Many thanks to the feedback from the members of our Xbox Insider Program. Let us know in a comment below.

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