You won't be saying hello to Bixby on your new Galaxy S8

The company has planned to release the smartphone on April 21st, but before the launch, the South Korean giant has clarified that the key features of the Bixby assistant i.e.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 by Truly Exquisite is available for pre-order now, with phones shipping around 3-4 weeks after the April 28th release date. Samsung notes that key functionalities of Bixby such as Vision, Home, and Reminder will be available in all markets out of the box, with Bixby Voice coming first in the USA "later this spring." .

Samsung said that the voice control update would arrive later this spring.

Bixby Voice is perhaps the headline feature of Samsung's new assistant, and will let you use your voice to perform everyday tasks such as sending emails, editing photos and placing calls. The new Samsung flagships even have a dedicated button to summon Bixby. Samsung touted the feature as giving users full voice control of their device.

The company did not give an explanation for the delay.

Next to its very visible "Infinity Display", the Galaxy S8's headline feature is Bixby.

With the voice assistant missing in action, what's left should still be impressive, but may not by much. Bixby Voice would be the main competitor to Apple's Siri assistant, which become more and more useful over the years. But its functionality will be limited to Bixby Vision, Bixby Home, and Bixby Reminder. Apparently, the English-version of Bixby is expected to be delayed until the end of May, a Samsung spokesperson confirmed that the Bixby voice will be available in the USA until "later this spring". For instance, users can take a picture and Bixby can recognize it and provide information on it.

However, the company made a swift U-turn and announced Bixby availability for United Kingdom users, but said it would be optimised for Korean and American users.

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