Banksy revealed as artists behind new UK Brexit mural

Banksy Brexit street art

The street art appeared in Dover overnight

The mural which appeared Sunday near the ferry terminal in Dover.

The graffiti, which can actually sell for more than a million dollars, features the secretive artist's signature silhouettes.

The artwork shows a man on a ladder removing one of the EU's stars.The stars of the flag "stand for the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe", according to the EU.

Which might have been one reason why Banksy confirmed the mural to be his work later in the day on his website.

Britain voted to leave the European Union in a referendum a year ago and is set to do so in 2019.

It depicted Apple founder Steve Jobs, whose father was a Syrian immigrant.

Dover is a seaside town in Britain with a port that serves as a main ferry channel to and from Calais, France.

Britain's controversial exit from the European Union was the subject of the latest artwork by street painter Banksy.

With many of Banksy's pieces, the location of his work is also significant (the English-based artist recently opened a hotel in Bethlehem and is using it as a way to bring Israelis and Palestinians together in the name of art).

Everyone needed a breather after the double whammy of Brexit and the US presidential election in 2016, so it's not too surprising that Banksy too needed to catch a breath before responding.

Banksy's satirical stencils - rats, kissing policemen, riot police with smiley faces - first appeared on walls in Bristol before spreading to London and then to cities around the world.

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