China says it has successfully tested new type of missile

Hong Kong-based iFeng news suggested that the tested missile might be an E/ADF-26B, an upgraded version of a previously-used missile equipped with the new capability of electronic attacks.

Is Trump preparing for WAR with China? In 2015, China for the first time demonstrated a whole range of long, medium and short range missiles during a military parade.

The statement did not say when the launch took place, only that it happened "recently".

He also said: "The warhead possibly featured an electromagnetic pulse that could destroy a carrier's command system".

This proposal is supported by Russian Federation, which has urged Washington and Seoul to reconsider their decision to station THAAD on the peninsula, saying it serves as a "destabilizing factor" that undermines the security and deterrent capacity of adjacent states, such as China, and could tip the existing military balance in the tense region.

The announcement came as South Koreans elected left-leaning former human rights lawyer Moon Jae-In in a presidential election held after a scandal led to the impeachment of the country's previous leader.

Beijing opposes the system, known by its acronym, THAAD, because its radars are allegedly capable of peering deep into China, allowing the USA and its allies to better detect rocket launches and aircraft movements. In order to de-escalate tensions surrounding the Korean peninsula, Beijing has come up with an initiative to call on North Korea to refrain from carrying out further missile and nuclear tests in exchange for the US and South Korea suspending their military exercises in the region.

Despite Chinese anger at North Korea's repeated nuclear and missile tests, China remains the isolated state's most important economic and diplomatic backer, even as Beijing has signed up for tough United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang. Moon's parents were refugees from the North and his election could perhaps strain relations with the US, with President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson each calling for a tougher line against the North and leader Kim Jong Un.

In February, Beijing announced the suspension of coal imports from the North for the rest of the year, a crucial foreign currency earner for the authorities.

Chinese state-run media have called for harsher sanctions against the North in the event of a fresh atomic test, prompting Pyongyang's official news agency last week to issue a rare and stinging denunciation of its chief ally.

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