Cinco de Mayo in Trump era leaves Mexican-Americans torn

On the eve of Cinco de Mayo - the day many in the United States confuse with Mexico's independence day but that actually commemorates the 1862 Battle of Puebla, where the Mexican army defeated the invading French - the White House broke with a 16-year tradition.

But many would be surprised to learn that Cinco de Mayo is a bigger deal in the US than in Mexico.

It is not a Mexican independence day celebration, but a remembrance of the Battle of Puebla.

Jose Luis Santiago, an immigration advocate, said migrant workers in Homestead, Florida, are more likely to celebrate Mexican Mother's Day on May 10 and leave the Cinco de Mayo drinking and partying to ritzy neighborhoods near downtown Miami and in Miami Beach.

Last year Mr Trump tweeted out a photo of him eating a taco bowl (which is not a traditional Mexican dish) on Cinco de Mayo with the statement "I love Hispanics".

Salt or sugar, guacamole or salsa, and burritos or tacos are some of the most pressing questions on the minds of people across the continent today.

But if you do decide to take part in the festivities, veteran celebrators said it's important to drink responsibly and have a thought-out plan.

While authentic Mexican eateries may not have fancy margarita deals, Centellas says they are the best places to spend money and show support on the holiday. Cinco de Mayo has had a positive effect on America's trade with Mexico, at least in regards to the U.S.'s alcohol intake. But what about people leaving restaurants and getting on the road and driving?

The fiesta is about to get muy caliente for Canaan Smith and Co. because they've got two big things to celebrate this Cinco de Mayo weekend.

Although Easton and Arreola say everyone has a right to their opinion, they hope the social media push is ignored, and people from both sides of the aisle and all cultures come together to celebrate.

Or you can buy a Donald Trump piñata this year.

Some fun facts about Speedy Gonzalez: the cartoon was created by exactly zero Mexicans, and the character was voiced by exactly zero Mexicans. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is not even observed as a federal holiday, and banks, schools and stores are still open.

Brown's students observed the day by learning about Mexican culture.

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