IPhone 8 and iPhone 7s set to go on sale in October

IPhone 8 and iPhone 7s set to go on sale in October

IPhone 8 and iPhone 7s set to go on sale in October

After all, there is a big difference between the iPhone 8 being released in early October and the iPhone 8 being released on October 31. Although final marketing names are unknown, the company is readying two "iPhone 7s" phones featuring the same chassis design as the current generation with a focus on internal upgrades; better performance, better battery life and wireless charging. According to the rumour, the bundled headphones will help bring the cost of the device up to $1,000. This will allow Apple to sort out its issues, debut all of its new innovations and sell some iPhone 7s handsets in the interim. Given that JPMorgan's track record for the prediction of Apple products is yet to show accuracy, it is advisable to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

We are looking forward to seeing what Apple launches this year and are interested to seeing the design of this years new iPhone.

KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo previously projected that the new handset's shipments could reach up to 110 million in the latter part of 2017.

The report also claims that the iPhone 8 will have an OLED display that extends edge-to-edge horizontally, but not vertically so as to retain a bezel along the top and bottom.

The highly anticipated iPhone 8 continues to sink a lot of ink.

According to a report from Economic Daily News (by way of DigiTimes), Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) upcoming iPhones won't be delayed, apparently contrary to press and analyst speculation.

So, things are looking good on the supply chain side, but what about assembly - the next stage in producing the iPhone 8? The only difference it will be the fact that they will have backs made out of glass, like the iPhone 8. All front-facing elements that you'd expect from a phone are incorporated into the screen itself, including the Touch ID scanner, the front camera, and the rumored 3D facial recognition system. However, a recent report suggest that those rumors are just that, rumors. Samsung has been using OLED screens for years on its flagship Galaxy smartphones - including the new Galaxy S8.

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