Lawmakers urge Trump to avoid picking a partisan for FBI job

Lawmakers urge Trump to avoid picking a partisan for FBI job

Lawmakers urge Trump to avoid picking a partisan for FBI job

The inability of the White House to settle on a single explanation for why Comey was sacked rapidly turned into a debacle aided and abetted by the president.

Currently, the White House justification for the abrupt firing of Comey last Tuesday evening was his poor handling of the Clinton email investigation, but the ACLU believes the justification is suspicious, given that Comey had been in charge of an investigation into whether Trump campaign associates in any way assisted the Russian government in interfering with the 2016 presidential election.

A new poll finds a strong majority favor an independent investigation into Russia's interference with the USA elections and possible ties to the Trump campaign.

When asked, "Internally, from the president?" No White House aide appeared on the Sunday news shows, leaving Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, to defend Trump. He dismissed as less desirable at least two of the 14 candidates under consideration, ex-FBI agent and former Rep. Mike Rogers of MI and Sen.

Asked about his colleague Cornyn, Graham said, "It's now time to pick someone who comes from within the ranks or has such a reputation that has no political background at all that can go into the job on day one". A former top aide to Sen.

"If there are no tapes, he should apologize to Jim Comey and the American people for misleading them", he added, suggesting that senior Democratic senators might attempt to refuse to confirm a new F.B.I. director until a special prosecutor is named.

"It's in the interest of the American people, it's in the interest of Russian Federation and the rest of the world that we do something to see if we can not improve the relationship between the two greatest nuclear powers in the world", Tillerson said.

If a Senate vote on a new Federal Bureau of Investigation director breaks down along party lines, Democrats would not have the votes to block a nominee because Republicans hold a majority in the chamber.

Republicans and Democrats agreed on one issue in Sunday interviews - the need to find out more about Trump's suggestion that he may have tapes of private conversations with Comey.

At this point, it's far from a sure-thing strategy - while there is no shortage of Republicans who have expressed problems with how and when James Comey was sacked from the FBI's top spot, there has been no rush to embrace Democratic calls for a special counsel.

GOP Sen. Mike Lee noted Sunday on Fox News that if it's true there are tapes of Trump and Comey, those tapes will inevitably be subpoenaed.

The blowback against the firing of Comey angered the increasingly frustrated president, who made the decision after consulting only a small group of advisers, anxious the news would leak out. Speaking on ABC News's This Week, Mark Warner, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee warned, "we have got to make sure that those tapes, if they exist, don't mysteriously disappear". Trump has openly vented his frustration with the media and Democrats on Twitter, musing about canceling press briefings and arguing that it's hard for aides to know his thinking. Trump has said a decision could come before he leaves Friday for the Mideast and Europe, his first overseas trip as president. A leader of the United Arab Emirates was scheduled to visit Monday. "If there are any tapes of this conversation, they need to be turned over", Graham continued.

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