Man holding human head stabs store clerk; mother found dead

A man who allegedly stabbed a person inside an Estacada grocery store Sunday is believed to be connected to the death of a woman in Colton, according to Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

A facebook post via Clackamas County Sheriff's Office told of authorities soon there after discovering the body of Webb's 59-year-old mother, Tina Marie Webb in her home about 10 miles away.

Police have confirmed that the severed head of a woman brought into an OR grocery store before a stabbing belonged to the mother of the suspect.

A man killed his mother on Mother's Day at a rural OR home, then showed up at a grocery store in a nearby town carrying what appeared to be a human head and began stabbing a checkout clerk before being subdued, authorities said Monday.

Witnesses say a man walked into the Estacada Thriftway Harvest Market covered in blood, carrying a knife in one hand and what appeared to be a human head in the other.

He began stabbing a store employee, but he was quickly overwhelmed by other employees, who held him until police arrived, authorities said. Nevertheless the man was expected to survive.

The attack sent shock waves through Estacada, where most residents knew the stabbing victim simply as Mike, a white-haired checkout clerk who had worked at the Thriftway store for years and was beloved by customers for his warm greetings and sense of humor. The two lived together at a home in Colton, Oregon.

The suspect was also taken to the hospital before being booked into jail.

"He was in like a catatonic state, wasn't speaking to anybody", Roberts said, adding that the only thing he said during the encounter before his arrest was that he was thirsty.

Police are investigating both incidents which investigators say are connected, according to reports. The victim was alert and talking when he was transported to the hospital, deputies told the station.

Around 2:35 p.m., approximately 20 minutes after the stabbing at the store, a 911 caller reported the discovery of a woman who appeared to be dead inside the Colton home. Her name has not been released.

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