Passengers get into nasty brawl aboard plane

Two passengers caught on video fighting on a plane

Two passengers caught on video fighting on a plane

The fight happened at about 5 p.m. local time Monday in Narita, Japan, aboard an All Nippon Airways flight, which was bound for LAX.

Curiously, the man in the black shirt throws four or five punches, then suddenly retreats and yells, "Can somebody help me?"

One of the men fighting, dressed in a black T-shirt, is heard shouting to other passengers mid-brawl: "Someone help, this guy is insane". Homeboy in the black shirt was throwing some serious shots, but it was dude in the red shirt who was throwing out the "I will kill you" claims.

The passenger who filmed the incident, US-based photographer Corey Hour, said the fight eventually ended "when I stepped in and confronted the man in the red shirt". He came back on, and as he came at the same passenger as before Hour's video ends.

Before exiting the plane, the man reportedly yelled "You think I'm insane?" "Then he went rogue and started fighting civilians".

The man in the red shirt appeared to be escorted off by a male flight attendant, but shortly after could be seen returning.

The men exchanged punches before the man in the gray shirt yelled, "Somebody help!" Police and an ANA spokesperson said he was deemed a potential safety threat, but would not leave the plane. "However, the man resisted, hit a woman passenger and after leaving the plane, proceeded to choke a male airline employee, which led to his arrest".

According to the article, the man wearing the Hawaiian shirt was identified as a 44-year-old American and was charged with assault after the altercation.

The flight - which had already been delayed due to poor weather - finally departed an hour and 40 minutes behind schedule.

He praised the All Nippon Airways staff and passengers for handling the situation "with grace and respect".

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