Putin Reveals Details About His Piano Performance in Chinese President House

The Russian president took a couple of minutes out ahead of bilateral talks with the Chinese President Xi Jinping... to play the piano.

Mr. Putin, who is now in Beijing for the two-day Belt and Road Forum, said intelligence services should beware of creating software that can later be used for malicious means, Daily Mail reported.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to approve the country's economic security strategy for the period until 2030, the Russian government said Monday.

Asked at a news briefing in Beijing on Monday about his performance, Putin said he had just been idly toying around with the keys while he waited for his meeting to start with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on the sidelines of an worldwide forum.

Trump and Putin are scheduled to meet during the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, in July, according to Russian media, but the White House has not confirmed the meeting. Russian state television showed excerpts of at least two tunes he played - "Moscow Windows" and "City on the Free Neva" - both Soviet classics. I merely touched the piano keys with my fingers", he quipped, adding that he though the video "would be for private use", adding, "But that's okay.

Putin said the impromptu piano rendition he gave on the sidelines of a meeting in Beijing on Sunday had been hampered by an out-of-tune instrument.

It wasn't the first time Putin has demonstrated his love of music for the public. In 2010, he played the piano and sang "Blueberry Hills" with a jazz band at a charity concert.

"It was quite hard to play, even for me, a person who plays with two fingers", Putin said.

I thought, if Mr. Peskov was filming something, then was probably for personal purposes, for the archive. "But never mind. I think I didn't let you down".

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