Target Will Test Next-Day Shipping

A newly constructed Target store is shown in San Diego California

A newly constructed Target store is shown in San Diego California

These customers will be able to place orders with the store online and have them shipped to them the next day.

According to a notice posted on the corporate website today (8 May), the pilot service will be called "Target Restock".

Industry types see the pilot as an attempt to get Target into the online delivery game with Amazon, which has ramped up quick delivery of home products. The program is now being tested out by some of the company's employees at its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minn.

Once the pilot is live, Minneapolis-area customers with REDcards will be eligible to visit a "dedicated online experience to access thousands of household essentials".

Target now is testing the service with select employees at its headquarters. The new service, dubbed Target Restock, aims to fix that.

Target said it would charge a "low, flat fee" for shipping. Target Restock boxes will be packaged at a nearby store, allowing Target workers to fulfill orders before 1:30 the next business day. (Employees there have already been testing it out.) A Target spokesperson said the company is offering the service to Target REDcard users for now and will determine whether the service will expand to other customers based on feedback.

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