Tim Allen 'Stunned & Blindsided' as ABC Defends 'Last Man Standing' Cancellation

Tim Allen 'Stunned & Blindsided' as ABC Defends 'Last Man Standing' Cancellation

Tim Allen 'Stunned & Blindsided' as ABC Defends 'Last Man Standing' Cancellation

The series was unique in that it was one of the few (if not the only) broadcast network shows to explore the life of a politically conservative working man and his experience coming to terms with today's constantly-evolving culture.

Allen's comment on Tuesday that he was "stunned and blindsided" seemed to be the final straw for many fans.

ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey held a press call Tuesday morning to discuss the network's Fall 2017-18 lineup, which, for the first time in six years, does not include its second-highest rated comedy. There was no reason given for the cancellation of the conservative-leaning show, which has always managed to squeak by on somewhat decent ratings - although the attention Tim Allen recently drew to himself by comparing Hollywood to living in "1930s Germany" may not have helped.

ABC canceled "Last Man Standing" after an impressive six-season run. "Once we made the decision not to continue with comedy on Friday, it was just kind of that's where we landed".

Allen, who is Republican, has been a supporter of President Donald Trump and made jokes in talk-show appearances about the challenges of being a Republican in Hollywood.

"Last Man Standing" used to air Fridays with "Dr. Ken", but now ABC has moved "Once Upon a Time" to Fridays from 8 to 9 p.m.

Fans have questioned the reasons behind the cancellation of "Last Man Standing".

On the surface, it's weird that Allen would be so shocked by the news, but fans of the show are suggesting that there's more to the story than meets the eye. "And sadly, that is likely the real reason the show has been canceled". Netflix knows people watch and that's why I think there is at least a 50 percent chance Last Man Standing can be revived on the streaming service.

The petition now has almost 100,000 signatures and reads, "Last Man Standing stands out in the sea of network television sitcoms".

The petition also points out that several characters on the sitcom lean liberal, but that all the characters are able to get along and support each other despite their political differences. "Let them hear our voices". "You gotta be real careful around here", he told the late-night host.

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