Apple pushes Siri to the fore at annual developer conference

Apple pushes Siri to the fore at annual developer conference

Apple pushes Siri to the fore at annual developer conference

In addition to adding numerous new tools to iOS (including person-to-person payments in iMessage), Apple also announced a much awaited feature: a one-handed keyboard mode on iPhone. But Apple occasionally also uses the event to introduce new devices and services and upgrades to existing products. The same source also claimed the new Automator app will benefit from deep Siri integration as well.

Two themes caught my imagination - the first is the continued effort to bring more productivity-enhancing features to Apple software. Like Apple Music, the new app store will be designed around a "Today" tab that highlights new releases.

The browser's new "intelligent tracking prevention", meanwhile, will use machine learning to identify and block digital-ad trackers in order to keep advertisers from following and profiling users.

APPLE'S LONG-RUMOURED Siri speaker is official as the "HomePod", confirming, if nothing, that the company needs a new marketing department.

The HomePod isn't likely to replace the iPhone is terms of popular gadgetry, but the 7-inch tall, mesh-covered smart speaker does have a mixed of upcoming technologies that gives some insight into what Apple plans for its digital assistant.

The company is also launching new models of both the iPad and the Mac computer. The App Store is getting its first redesign in its nine-year history.

He said that iOS 10 had almost 96 per cent satisfaction with 86 per cent iPhone users installing the update as compared to only seven per cent Android users who installed Android Nougat - the latest version of Google's operating system.

A customisable dock, such as the one on the Apple Macbook laptops, will be available on iPads.

Ahead of 2017's running of the event, which kicks off with Tim Cook's keynote on Monday, Apple has been eager to show developers just how important they are to the company and vice-versa.

Apple is also combining the lock screen and the Notifications Center in iOS 11, again streamlining the experience and making it easier for people to get relevant information at a glance. Starting at $4,999 for the basic configuration, the 5K machine will come with an 8-core, 10-core or 18-core Xeon processors.

Last week we did say that some analysts believed that Apple was working on a rear camera sensor that would enable a phone to be unlocked using a hand position more akin to general usage (with the fingers around the back of the phone) than the current "press thumb on home button" process.

Unlike previous years there has been little in the way of leaks about new software features coming to the iPhone and iPad.

Will Android surpass Apple in app purchases as well? Google followed with its Home speaker, featuring its plain-named Assistant, last year.

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