Ariana Grande 'inked with Manchester bee tattoo tribute'

The sold-out concert also featured Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Pharrell Williams, Liam Gallagher, Katy Perry, Take That and more.

We are still rewatching and re-listening to all of the incredible performances from Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester benefit concert on Sunday.

The Old Trafford Cricket Ground has a capacity of 50,000 seats when compared with Manchester Arena's 22,000-person capacity.

Her team is working to release that emotional final number as a single to raise even more money for victims, the UK's Independent newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The album's proceeds will purportedly go to a charity benefiting the victims of last month's attack, which killed at least 22 people and wounded nearly 60 more.

Another said: 'This is an accurate representation of me when you performed this song'.

Tonight, for the first time since the attack, Ariana is showing how strong she is by resuming her Dangerous Woman tour.

Clodagh Ennis, also 19, added: "I feel that not going to the concert would be letting terrorists win, that's what they want, they want people to be scared, so still attending despite the attacks is like a protest against them".

In a night filled with emotional performances, and nearly endless singing from the crowd of 50,000, it was Grande's final song of the night "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" that brought most tears to the eyes.

"Music is meant to heal us, to bring us together, to make us happy".

Today, the pop starlet released her performance as a charity single to raise funds for the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

This is seriously the most heartwarming video I've seen in years. A percentage of that song's sales will go towards the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund too, according to Billboard.

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