Australian Shaun Davidson in four-man Kerobokan prison breakout

Australian man Shaun Davidson has escaped from Kerobokan Prison

Australian Shaun Davidson in four-man Kerobokan prison breakout

Australian prisoner Shaun Davidson has escaped from Bali's Kerobokan jail, according to reports.

Indonesian police are on the hunt for four foreigners who broke out of a prison on the island of Bali.

Four inmates made an audacious breakout via a 12m-long tunnel measuring 50cm by 75cm in cross section, Bali police said yesterday.

Davidson was jailed for a year last August after he was found guilty of misusing a travel document belonging to someone else.

He was sentenced to one year in prison and fined 100 million rupiah (AU$10,000), but he opted to serve extra five months instead of paying the fine.

Police said immigration and airport authorities had been alerted and a manhunt was underway.

He had been due to face Perth Magistrates Court on January 28, 2015, charged with possessing methamphetamine and cannabis and two other offences.

A search for the men began after 7.30am local time when a guard noticed the inmates were missing. The men escaped from Kerobokan Prison by crawling through a 39-foot-long tunnel dug under the walls, per Reuters.

He had only two months and 15 days remaining on his sentence.

Davidson said he lost his passport.

Iliev was serving a seven-year sentence for money laundering and another offence, while Said and King were serving 14 and seven years, respectively, for drug offences.

The four were placed in Kerobokan prison's Block B and Sayed was said to be the last to be seen at around 6.30am. He was arrested in April 2016 after he signed into a guest house in Kuta under the name Michael John Bayman from a passport.

Davidson had spent the year before he was apprehended boxing and partying.

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