Barbie's Ken dolls just got a brand new look!

Mattel takes aim in Barbie tanning TM opposition

Barbie's Ken dolls just got a brand new look!

Some of the new $9.99 Ken dolls were available in select shops and online stores Tuesday, Mattel said, but will be widely available July 8. Comparisons of the three new body types - slim, broad and original - have encouraged some references to the broad physique as the "dad bod" doll.

You can also choose from eight different hair colors, nine hair styles - including a man bun - and various eye colors.

The company just announced that it is expanding its Barbie Fashionista line with a more diverse range of Ken dolls.

While you can still find a classically blond Barbie in this new collection, you can also find her with natural hair, blunt peachy colored bangs, and body types like curvy, original, tall, and petite. Like their recent changes, Mattel explained back in the '90s that the change was due to their need to keep Ken "cool".

This new generation of Barbies gave Mattel a short boost after years of declining sales, but the first 3 months of 2017 saw a 13% slump compared to the same time last year.

This photo provided by Mattel shows a broad body-style Ken doll, wearing eyeglasses.

Ken, Barbie's faithful boyfriend of 56 years, is now catching up.

A publicist tells us, "We found inspiration for our Ken looks from everywhere-from Brooklyn to Barcelona".

The item description states the bun hairstyle helps to "complete the look" and the added fashion options can expand the storytelling options for play. Mattel's line of diverse dolls seems to be taking off.

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