Columnist Kirsten Powers: 'How was Sen. Harris hysterical?'

So her rapid-fire shots aimed at Sessions may not be a surprise for someone with a background that involved questioning witnesses.She has made her name in high-profile state positions, serving as the district attorney in San Francisco and also as state attorney general.She's been vocal about her criticism of Trump and denounced his agenda during a march in Washington a day after his inauguration.Harris says she's never been a fan of the word "can't".

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., has only been in the Senate for a few months, but she's already showing her disrespect for the institution - and and lack of just normal human courtesy - and her inflated sense of self-importance.

Miller responds with, "It was a completely partisan screed", before Powers cuts him off by reposing her question, "How was that hysterical?"

For the second time in a row, however, her persistence was met with outright resistance from her male Republican colleagues.

Harris spokesman Tyrone Gayle told the Associated Press that the senator "has run countless investigations, and will follow the facts wherever they may lead to get the truth for the American people".

"Sir, I'm not asking about the principle", Harris says.

During a discussion after the hearing on Anderson Cooper 360, Trump surrogate and former Trump aide Jason Miller remarked that Harris was "hysterical" during her question-and-answer period with Sessions, which correspondent Kirsten Powers called him out on.

Powers tries to clarify which aspects of Harris's succinct and straightforward line of questioning diverted so dramatically from the hearing's goal, and eventually points out this basic fact, "It's just women who are usually called hysterical". Kamala Harris, both Sens. I don't really understand that.

POWERS: I think he was talking over her and she was trying to make her questions and I don't think it was any more than any other senator was doing.

"It was", Miller said. "She was purely out there to shout down".

Sen. Kamala Harris at a previous hearing. "I'm absolutely not thinking about that at all", she told CNN senior political commentator David Axelrod. It didn't seem like he made any effort to try to get to the bottom of things.

"But he wasn't hysterical, she was", Powers observed. I wanted to clear that up. Harris asked him straight up: What is that policy and did you actually look at it?

This week, it was deja vu all over again, as Harris questioned Sessions about his role as a campaign stand-in for Trump and contacts he had had with the Russians.

POWERS: Yes, I'm hysterical right now, for example.

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