Cosby apologised after assaulting: victim's mother

On the second day of testimony by Andrea Constand who, after a decade, finally told her story alleging that she was drugged, temporarily paralyzed, and raped by sinister pudding man Bill Cosby-now accused of rape by over fifty women-Gloria Allred's cell phone went off.

Constand's testimony represents the first time she has spoken out publicly about the incident.

It is the only criminal case against Cosby, as most of the alleged abuse happened too long ago to prosecute. After briefly losing consciousness, she regained it as Cosby was touching her private parts, she testified.

"And I said, 'Promise me you are gonna send me the name of the medication and he said yes".

Andrea Constand told the court the comedian gave her pills that left her "frozen" and unable to resist as he sexually assaulted her on his couch. Cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting Constand a.

Cosby admitted in a 2005 deposition unsealed in 2015 that he had Quaaludes in the 1970s to use for sex with women, but he has insisted in the same deposition and since that the interaction between him and Constand that night in January 2014 was always consensual.

Shortly, Andrea's mother Gianna Constand took the witness stand and she tearfully testified against the 79-year-old Little Bill actor. "He said to me, 'Mom, she even had an orgasm, '" she added.

Constand kept her cool on the stand, explaining simply that her report took place months after the fact, all the way in January of 2005. The two had become friends through her work at Temple University, where she was an administrator for the women's basketball team and he sat on the board of trustees. Andrea Constand's mother also said she asked Cosby, angered that he didn't call 911 when her daughter passed out from the pills he gave her. Gianna Constand, a health care professional, said she does not believe the pills were merely Benadryl as Cosby has previously stated.

Constand testified Tuesday about two incidents with Cosby that foreshadowed the alleged assault.

"No, ma'am, I did not", replied Constand, wearing a white blazer over a blue cardigan.

"I recalled as best I could", Constand said. Ms Constand says the officers simply never asked.

The defense's implication seemed to be that Constand had plotted to fabricate her story for monetary gain - since she won a financial settlement in a civil suit.

Agrusa also questioned why Constand allowed herself to be alone with Cosby after the comedian had made advances on two occasions - touching her thigh one time and trying to open her trousers another time.

Judge Steven T. O'Neill told the 12 jurors and six alternates who had been bused to Norristown from the Pittsburgh area that things were moving more quickly than the two-week trial he initially predicted.

But any damage inflicted by Agrusa's interrogation seemed to unravel in minutes, once Assistant District Attorney Kristen Feden had the chance to question her witness again. The next day, she bought a recording device and waited to see if Cosby would call back.

Jumping from the night in CT to the night of the alleged assault, Agrusa had Constand admit that she told Cosby she was "stressed" and "not sleeping". "It comes across very clearly that she is telling the truth", NY Times quoted her. Cosby then engaged in sexual activity with her when she could not resist, she testified through tears.

A number of the calls she made, the prosecution showed, came after she had checked her voice mail, presumably responding to a message from him rather than initiating contact.

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