Delta ends sponsorship over Trump look-alike killing scene

Joan Marcus

Joan Marcus

The character meets his end when he is stabbed by suited conspirators, mainly women and minorities, after being dragged down from his podium in the senate. A woman who attended an early session of the play said Caesar's wife, Calpurnia - who begs him not to attend the senate due to a premonition she had foreshadowing his murder, resembles Melania Trump and speaks with a "Slavic accent".

The recreation has drawn ire from those who say the show promotes violence against the President.

"Danger knows full well that Caesar is more risky than he", reads a sign promoting the production.

As Fox News Insider reports, Delta Airlines has already issued a statement regarding the content of this year's Shakespeare in the Park version of "Julius Caesar", responding to those who allege the play included a mock Trump stabbing.

'Their artistic and creative direction crossed the line on the standards of good taste, ' the statement continued. The airline had sponsored The Public Theater for the past four years.

- Delta (@Delta) June 11, 2017.The Public Theater effective immediately.

In any event, Fox typically takes a far different view on calls to censor political speech and art - at least when that speech has a conservative slant. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Sunday morning in response to a Fox News article that accused the show of depicting the assassination of the President.

The folks behind the annual Shakespeare in the Park event do warn potential audience members that the production may contain material some spectators may find offensive. It said the theater "chose to present Julius Caesar in such a way that was meant to provoke and offend".

Breitbart News previously reported that this summer's Oskar Eustis-directed production of Julius Caesar - which opened in previews last month in Central Park's Delacorte Theater - had sparked controversy over its main character's striking resemblance to President Trump.

In the Shakespearean tragedy, Caesar is stabbed in the back by political rivals.

"I'm sure that's not an accident", Benson said.

The artistic director said he'd hosted politicians before, including Vice President Mike Pence, who was booed at a production of the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical.

Comedian Kathy Griffin was sacked from jobs at CNN and elsewhere after posting a picture of herself holding a fake severed head of Trump. It is set in ancient Rome, but many productions have costumed the characters in modern dress to give it a present-day connection. No sponsors pulled out of that production.

In addition to the brutal assassination scene, "Julius Caesar" also features a nude scene (the decidedly Trump-like Caesar steps nude from a bathtub).

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