'Destiny 2' console and PC release dates announced, beta schedule detailed

DESTINY 2'S GHAUL! The villain behind Destiny 2, Dominus Ghaul, is shown for the first time in this E3 trailer.

The game was originally going to be released on September 8, but it will now come out on September 6. Sadly, it means the same as it did for the original Destiny.

What's more is that Destiny 2's release date has been pushed up.

Keep in mind that the PC version of Destiny 2 will be available on October 24 with pre-orders live on Battle.net right now.

"Months of speculations and rumors can now finally be put to rest as Activision has announced details regarding the release dates and beta test dates for its highly anticipated title, "#Destiny 2". It's a small price to pay for getting the game ahead of the PC version, but one that will probably ruffle some feathers anyway.

A PlayStation 4 closed beta will take place on July 18, followed by Xbox One on July 19. If you're interested in checking out Destiny 2 prior to its official release, Bungie confirmed when players can check out the beta if they pre-order the game.

Stay up to date with everything revealed about Destiny 2 so far. It ends on July 23.

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