[E3 2017] Local Co-Op Confirmed for Super Mario Odyssey

An all-new mod for the classic adventure platformer Super Mario 64 adds the most game-changing new feature of the upcoming Switch title to a game many have adored for almost two decades, and it's absolutely glorious.

The above video is from Nintendo's Treehouse Live demo of Mario Odyssey's forest level.

Single player mode shows Mario's hat as a crucial device since it can be employed to catch enemies and other flying objects, as spotted by Polygon. The second player in control of Cappy also has the ability to briefly look around.

Playing as Mario remains mostly the same. Cappy is also invincible and can attack enemies for Mario to keep him out of danger. More importantly, Cappy boasts invincibility, so playing him would be flawless for players who can't stomach dying all the time.

Power Moons await discovery in each Kingdom, and, by collecting them, players can power up the Odyssey to travel on to the next Kingdom.

Cappy is also unbeatable. Players will simply have to press Y on the Joy-Con controller to fly around and move independently from Mario.

Earlier this year, at the Nintendo Switch presentation, "Super Mario Odyssey" was revealed to be one of the titles to highlight the hybrid console. When the mode is activated, Mario's Cappy hovers above his noggin.

"That's was certainly intentional on our part", Nintendo producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said during the livestream.

Without further ado, a tip of the cap as we present the four ways Super Mario Odyssey is extremely reminiscent of Super Mario Sunshine. In that game, the second player is able to simply collect items for Mario and manipulate the environment.

While at E3, COGconnected had the privilege to go hands-on with Nintendo Switch's big holiday 2017 hit, Super Mario Odyssey.

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