Ex-CNN Chief: WH On-Camera Briefings 'Could Be Cut Back'

Low confidence in Trump means low confidence

Low confidence in Trump means low confidence

"The President and his Administration serve the People who elected them, yet the Trump Administration's decision to ban cameras and live audio from an increasing number of daily briefing treats the People, the media, and the oath of office as little more than inconveniences".

The Trump administration sparked backlash once more from journalists and activists on Wednesday by continuing the "disturbing trend" of prohibiting audio and video recordings of the daily press briefing, a move that prompted many to call for more pushback from journalists and media outlets.

Acosta said in a tweet that he had asked Sanders at the briefing, "Isn't holding a fundraiser at the Trump hotel rather swamp-like?"

After one such interruption One America News Network's Trey Yingst asked Spicer: "So we can get this out of the way, can we address the cameras issue?"

The White House Correspondents Association also has objected to the press restrictions.

"Maybe we should turn the cameras on Sean".

A second source close to the administration confirmed the plan and said White House staffers are on board - for now. First, the loss of the televised briefings does affect their ability not just to deliver transparency to viewers, but also to promote their personnel in the press corps.

As the White House has cut back its on-camera briefings, CNN's Jim Acosta has been one of the most prominent whiners. "Instead, he and deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders have increasingly opted for off-camera 'gaggles, ' answering questions from reporters in private - and leaving the public in the dark". "We are sitting in a briefing room full of cameras and taxpayer funded spokesman at podium".

And, while your blood pressure may be rising as you read this assault on the fourth estate, let it be known that you don't have shit on CNN's Jim Acosta, who is fucking lit about this no-cameras stuff! Why didn't you turn them on?

Historically, press briefings would likely have been fairly boring to watch anyway.

"It was a new administration, I think we wanted to talk about what was going on here", she said. Can you just give us an answer to that?

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