Guy Wears Dress to Work to Make a Point About Dress Codes

Guy Wears Dress to Work to Make a Point About Dress Codes

Guy Wears Dress to Work to Make a Point About Dress Codes

"If women can wear skirts/dresses at work, can I wear smart shorts like so?"

A British man was sent home from work Monday after he wore shorts to the office in the midst of a heat wave.

Shortly after arriving for work, Barge was sent home to change.

After Barge wore his colourful outfit to work, the management team sent an email to all office staff to announce that the "gentlemen in the office" would in future be allowed to wear three-quarter length shorts in "black, navy or beige only".

He chose to return to the office wearing a black dress with pink and orange stripes, stating he expected to be sent home once again.

Since it is 2017 and this is all rather silly, Joey Barge - a called center worker in the United Kingdom - made a decision to challenge it by wearing shorts.

Barge called the rule change "a partial win" but still stuck to his dress for the remainder of the working day. Earlier this year, women across the country tweeted how to "dress like a woman" in the workplace after reports that Donald Trump asked female staffers to dress as such.

Dressing for work with a dress code can be hard during the scorching summer months.

While Barge's act may seem lighthearted, students who are transgender have been punished for wearing a dress to school before.

Rather than simply go home and throw on a pair of trousers to appease his bosses, the 20-year-old donned a bright pink dress and returned to the call centre where he worked.

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