Health Department Chief Charged With Manslaughter Over Flint Water Crisis

State Attorney General Bill Schuette will deliver an update on the investigation today and is expected to announce new criminal charges.

The head of the Michigan health department has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after he failed to alert the public to an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in Flint, Michigan, linked to the city's lead-contaminated water crisis, the Associated Press reported.

"This is huge", another Freep writer, Kathy Gray, tweets from Lansing.

"If they weren't passing along those assessments to the governor, that's a huge problem", said Eric Rothstein, a member of the Snyder-appointed Flint Water Advisory Task Force. Those cases ultimately led to the charges Wednesday for Lyon, as well as for the state's chief medical executive, Eden Wells, who faces charges of obstruction of justice and lying to a police officer. The disease has been linked to the water quality in Flint in 2014 through 2015. This is the fourth round of charges brought by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette in the Flint case.

Wells is accused of obstructing justice for lying to a special agent and threatening to withhold funding for a study into the outbreak, a five-year charge. People over the age of 50 or people with chronic lung disease are at an increased risk of getting sick.

In May, Schuette dropped a misdemeanor charge against a Flint official who cooperated after pleading no contest to willful neglect of duty.

January 15, 2016: Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette begins an "independent review" into the Flint crisis. Busch previously was charged with felony misconduct in office, tampering with evidence, conspiracy to tamper with evidence, and two misdemeanor counts of the Michigan Safe Water Drinking Act.

April 2014: In an effort to save money, Flint begins drawing water from the Flint River for its 100,000 residents, instead of relying on water from Detroit. The charges allege failure to notify and lack of action to stop the outbreak allowed the disease to continue its spread through Flint's water system. It corroded the city's old water mains, turning drinking water brown due to iron contamination, and leached lead from smaller pipes that carried water into homes.

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