Huckabee zaps Acosta who's STILL whining over new presser rules

If a health-care bill passes the Senate, they say, and tax reform is up next on the docket, Priebus can plausibly save face by leaving as the White House appears on the way to notching a few legislative achievements.

As for an update on Tech Week in the White House, Huckabee-Sanders noted that the President continues to have discussion with leaders on different technological advancements, such as cell towers as small as pizza boxes.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the information was false and the source of the gossip is 'either a liar or out of the loop'.

But the Trump White House has been cutting back on the frequency and the length of on-camera briefings. By nearly every measure, the Trump White House has reduced transparency about the workings of government.

For the time being, White House-media relations are likely to get worse before they get better.

But the timing of Thursday's prohibition on live broadcasts - and of previous bans - suggests another motivation: ducking the spotlight in key moments.

The White House is facing daily criticism from the news media over its decision to reduce the frequency of press briefings and hold some of those briefings off camera, depriving the public of a chance to see White House officials answering questions.

Acosta - who was famously scolded by President Trump ("you are fake news!") - unleashed a childish Twitter tantrum whining about the off-camera gaggles. ". I think that we have done a very good job of not just providing opportunities here at a daily briefing but also making ourselves available as a staff nearly 24 hours a day when it comes down to it".

So far, the White House's embrace of Senate strategy shows some growth from the five-month-old administration.

New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen said he disagreed with Kirby's assertion that the administration is hurting itself by avoiding questions from reporters.

He's covered a lot of trials but I believe it's his first day sketching a White House press briefing.

The Baldasaro White House invite comes after several high-profile incidents in which the Trump administration has denounced casual references to violence against Trump, including; actress Kathy Griffin holding a decapitated Trump head, a NY theater company depicting Trump's graphic death in Julius Caesar, and actor Johnny Depp asking "When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?" But that when the former business magnate sat down for a deposition, Trump "essentially" said he used the threat of tapes to "intimidate" him.

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