Manslaughter charges possible in London high-rise tragedy

The fire has acted as a focal point for anger at local authority funding cuts and, if more buildings are deemed unsafe, the government faces the task of rehousing people within existing social housing facilities which are stretched.

"We now have evidence that the fire was not started deliberately", Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack of London's Metropolitan Police said. She added that the refrigerator, which has a freezer on the bottom and refrigerator on top, has not been recalled.

She said the government had given assurances they were not interested in anyone's immigration status.

Police are looking at all parts of the cladding system and its installation, McCormack said.

Nicholas Holgate, chief executive of the Kensington and Chelsea council, had come under intense pressure in the wake of last week's Grenfell Tower blaze.

May says tests have determined that some of those tiles were "combustible".

Camden is one of the councils in England which has learned that combustible cladding has been placed on buildings during renovation projects, though they had ordered non-flammable cladding. The goal of these tests is to determine the type of material used in the cladding and whether it is flammable.

The buildings have been found to be covered with the same type of cladding as used at Grenfell, five miles to the south west, where at least 79 people died in June 14's tragedy.

The London borough of Camden says it has begun evacuating 800 households in tower blocks after fire authorities said they could not guarantee the safety of residents following a devastating fire in a high-rise in a nearby area.

If you have one of the models, there is no need to switch it off, the Department of Business has said.

"Such is the devastation inside, our forensic search and recovery may not be complete by the end of the year", McCormack said.

As of Friday, nine victims have been formally identified.

New Zealand high rises typically had an automatic fire sprinkler system, early warning smoke detectors and building-wide alarms, the spokesperson said. "Some of those calls are over an hour long, and each call tells its own distressing story".

Some residents believe the official number of those dead or missing presumed dead is lower than the true figure, and McCormack acknowledged they might not know everyone who was in the building as some people might fear coming forward because they were in the country illegally.

She said: "We are looking at every criminal offence from manslaughter onwards".

"We have liaised with residents at Durham House and will work to ensure they continue to feel safe and comfortable in their homes".

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