McCain urges fast House vote on Russia sanctions

If the House of representatives to change the bill and take it in a new form, it will have to harmonize the text with the Senate.

Sanctions against Russian Federation were "sewn" to the bill on Iran in the form of the amendment to expedite their passage to make possible the refusal of President Donald trump to sign the bill.

The committee's Republican chairman, Rep. Ed Royce of California, explained to Connolly during a committee meeting that he was working to build bipartisan backing for the legislation. The bill would also give Congress the power to limit the ability of the White House to ease sanctions on Russian Federation.

"The Trump administration recognizes there was never any Russian interference in any elections, there was no Russian hackings at all and the Senate and the House are simply responding by trying to create a false boogeyman mirage to deflect bad actions and the bad conduct in the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton campaign and the [former President Barack] Obama administration", Bennett argued.

Rep. Eliot Engel of NY, the committee's top Democrat, said Monday he's concerned that sending the sanctions bill to the committee will give the Trump administration an opportunity to weaken legislation. Such a move would trigger an outcry among Democrats and some Republicans.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed concern in a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing this week about the new sanctions.

Any substantive changes to the bill would have to be squared with the Senate's version.

"I would urge Congress to ensure any legislation allows the president to have the flexibility to adjust sanctions", he told lawmakers.

The sanctions package approved by the Senate is aimed at rebuking Russian Federation for what US intelligence agencies concluded was a hidden campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election to favor Trump.

By tying Iran and Russian Federation together, Congress has made it more hard for Trump to oppose the action as the president, who has been highly critical of Iran, would have to reject the tougher sanctions against Tehran if it rejected other parts of the legislation.

Russia denies acting to influence the USA election but the US intelligence community in January issued an assessment affirming that Russian President Vladimir Putin "ordered an influence campaign" to benefit the candidacy of Donald Trump.

This is the first time any top European leaders have confirmed the views of the Russian President Vladimir Putin who alleged that US imposed sanctions on Russia do not hurt the United States but Europe. The FSB is the main successor to the Soviet-era KGB.

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