Meira Kumar to begin election campaign from Sabarmati Ashram

Meira Kumar, the former Lok Sabha Speaker, asserted that she espouses the values of social justice, freedom of speech, inclusiveness and abolition of caste system and would fight to uphold these values.

Most importantly at the press conference, Kumar stressed on how the upcoming presidential election is more of a battle between two ideologies and said, "It is the highest position of the land for which the election is being held". The caste system, she told reporters, should be "buried deep down" in the earth. It is the place which is associated with Mahatma Gandhi who shook the empire through truth and non-violence and "I want to derive strength" from his ideology, she said.

As the presiding officer, Meira Kumar was seen interrupting her saying, "All right", "Thank you", "Okay", "I have to proceed", though Sushma Swaraj continued her speech.

"Discussing the status of women, she said they were accorded importance in theory but not in practice".

Opposition presidential candidate Meira Kumar on Wednesday categorically stated that there should not be one-upmanship on caste for the post of President.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Kumar said that she will begin her Presidential election campaign from Sabarmati Ashram.

Earlier, Ms. Kumar had appealed to members of the electoral college to "heed the inner voice of conscience" while casting their vote in the Presidential elections. "This will be the plank on which I will fight the election", she said. I don't think it is a major issue. However, when a Dalit contests his or her achievements are neglected. "If we do start looking at it from a caste prism we will be compromising on the dignity of the highest office", she said.

It can be seen that almost after four minutes for Ms. Sarah's statement, the Speaker interrupts her saying words like "All Right", "Thank You", "Okay", "I have to proceed", which are indications for the Leader of Opposition, Ms. Swaraj, to conclude.

The post of President of India is "not symbolic", she said, adding, and "capability and experience must always supersede" every other consideration while choosing the person for the post.

The former Speaker said there is an attempt to tarnish her image by the ruling side with personalised attacks.

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