New poll projection shows British PM losing majority in snap election

New poll projection shows British PM losing majority in snap election

New poll projection shows British PM losing majority in snap election

A YouGov model based on different data estimated May's Conservatives would win 317 seats, nine short of an overall majority of 326 seats.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's lead over the opposition Labour Party has nearly halved to eight points in the space of a week, an opinion poll from Panelbase showed on Thursday.

"People are saying Jeremy is a strong leader, and he is - he's got integrity and he's got principles and that is certainly coming across", she said.

Recent opinion polls have shown May's lead has contracted to a range of 5 to 14 percentage points.

Although there were some signs of a modest Labour advance, she was still 17 points ahead, enough to give her an overall majority of at least a hundred.

With just one week to go until voters head to the polls, the latest YouGov poll finds support for Theresa May's party has dwindled to 42% with Labour just three points behind on 39%. It follows a Survation poll earlier this week also showing a single-figure lead for the Tories of only six points.

But polls had shown May's rating slipping over the past month and they fell sharply after she set out plans on May 18 to make some elderly people pay a greater share of their care costs, a proposal dubbed the "dementia tax" by opponents.

United Kingdom stocks advanced Thursday, getting a boost from a weaker pound, which slid back after another election poll showed a drop in support for Theresa May's governing Conservative Party.

"We shouldn't write off the thought that young people will turn out for this election (in large numbers) - but I think it's unlikely", Boon said.

Of those who said they prioritised education, 83 per cent said they were "more likely to vote for a candidate who will support tackling education and school funding".

The YouGov constituency projection, based on 50,000 interviews over the course of a week, showed May would win 310 seats, down from the 331 seats won by her predecessor David Cameron in 2015.

Salt was poured into the wound when it emerged on Thursday that YouGov's new constituency estimates suggest that the home secretary, Amber Rudd, fresh from her performance as May's TV debate stand-in, could actually lose her Hastings and Rye seat to Labour.

May backed the "remain" campaign in the run-up to last year's referendum on European Union membership, though she made few public appearances.

The Conservatives have exploited divisions in the Labour party over the left-wing leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, which prompted a failed coup against him after last year's Brexit vote. "You can only deliver Brexit if you believe in Brexit", she said from behind a lectern with the slogan "A Brexit deal for a Bright future".

"The central projection of the model, which allows for a wide margin of error, would be a catastrophic outcome for Theresa May, who called the election when polls pointed to a landslide result", The Times wrote.

46% of voters also say the Conservatives have had a bad campaign, compared to 35% who say it has been good.

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