No change to plans for Trump visit to Britain: May spokeswoman

No change to plans for Trump visit to Britain: May spokeswoman

No change to plans for Trump visit to Britain: May spokeswoman

British Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump gesture towards each other during their joint news conference at the White House in Washington January 27, 2017.

It is unknown whether Sadiq Khan's public comments about the United Kingdom state visit had an effect on the President's decision or not, but it can be assumed that his comments might have had an effect on the British public.

Trump's statement was said to have surprised May, according to those present, the newspaper added.

The report comes scarcely a week after Trump reacted to terrorist attacks in England by going after London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Twitter, a decision widely criticized by worldwide affairs observers.

But Trump misstated Khan's comment, which was reassuring Londoners that they shouldn't be alarmed when they see an increased police presence on the city's streets.

President Donald Trump and Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May react during a ceremony at the new North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters before the start of a summit in Brussels, Belgium, May 25, 2017.

The acting United States ambassador Lewis Lukens, a career diplomat, clashed with Trump last week by praising Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, for his strong leadership over the London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack.

"We aren't going to comment on speculation about the contents of private phone conversations", a spokeswoman for May told Reuters. "That subject never came up on the call", the official told CNN. May's party lost its grip on parliament this week in elections that will force her to either build a coalition government with a smaller party or call yet another nationwide vote.

Campaigner Hugo Dixon also celebrated the news, attributing it to "people power" and later predicting that if Mr Trump's visit depended on the support of the British people, it wouldn't happen at all.

The latest feud with Khan was related to the mayor's response to the June 3 terrorist attack in London, which came less than two weeks after a terrorist attack in Manchester. At least publicly, Trump and May are acting as if the trip is still on.

The Guardian is alleging he phoned the Prime Minister to say he wouldn't come if there was widespread public opposition.

"Having said that, I think Donald Trump is wrong in what he said about Sadiq Khan, in relation to the attack on London Bridge".

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