Police release Woods dashcam video

Martin Kaymer and Tiger Woods at the 2015 PGA Championship

Martin Kaymer and Tiger Woods at the 2015 PGA Championship. Getty Images

The German posted a video of himself on Twitter in which he said: "A lot of people know what happened to Tiger Woods the last few days, few weeks and there are so many comments, so many opinions, they're so unfair and very disrespectful in my opinion". In between tests, you see Woods resting on the machine.

Weinstein said DUI suspects in Palm Beach County can be offered a diversion program at arraignment that drops the DUI charge to reckless driving, which results in probation, a $250 fine and other conditions such as taking a DUI course. "Only the Black part of Tiger Woods got arrested". He was released on his own recognizance. The deputy tells him his "bracelets" will come off soon as he returns to his chair.

A 12 minute, 35 second video of Tiger Woods inside Palm Beach County Jail was released Thursday.

Woods told police that he had not been drinking, and two breath tests at the jail registered a 0.0 blood-alcohol level.

He is set to appear in court on 5 July charged with driving under the influence.

The video shows footage of Tiger Woods inside a jail cell.

The dashcam videos confirms what officers described in the police reports released earlier this week.

Woods, a Jupiter Island resident, was taken into custody at 3 a.m. on Memorial Day. The engine was still running and the vehicle had sustained damage on both bumpers, according to police.

Woods blew a.000, which backs up his claim that alcohol wasn't involved in the incident.

"I can't unlock my two bracelets", Woods slurs, confused by his handcuffs.

Woods is recovering from back surgery and said he was on prescribed painkillers.

In a statement, the 14-time major champion said: "I didn't realise the mix of medications had affected me so strongly".

The police who arrested Woods in Florida listed his race as black, something people were quick to point out on social media. When asked what kind, he gave an answer that was redacted from the videotape. It shows officers approach the auto and Woods, who didn't know where he was.

"Now that one is, too", the officer adds. "He's a member of our family, and we're going to do everything we can to help and support him".

During the roadside stop, police administered a series of sobriety tests. Woods tried to tie his shoes by placing his foot on the grill of the cruiser and almost lost his balance, and eventually he just took them off. When he did, he leaned forward after losing his balance.

As an officer moves a light in front of his face during the test, he fails to follow it with his eyes. He never connected heel-to-toe.

There was one lighthearted moment during Woods' booking process, however. When officers ask if he understands instructions to recite the alphabet, he says he was asked "not to sing the national anthem backwards".

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