President Trump wraps Mideast trip after Bethlehem, Jerusalem meetings

US First Lady Melania Trump visits the Western Wall the holiest site where Jews can pray in Jerusalems Old City

Melania Trump visits the Western Wall the holiest site where Jews can pray in Jerusalem’s Old City

Before the US president touched down in Israel, however, his coming visit was marred when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters the USA delegation was heading to "Tel Aviv, home of Judaism".

The President is urging the USA and Israel to boost cooperation against common threats, and declaring that Iran never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.

Trump told Abbas he was "truly hopeful that America can help Israel and the Palestinians forge peace and bring new hope to the region and its people". "Iran's leaders routinely call for Israel's destruction". With his trademark blunt style, Trump vowed not to refer to attackers as "monsters" any longer "because they would like that term". It is not easy, but we agree with him - peace is possible.

US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to cooperate during their meeting in Israel on combating terrorism, the White House stated on Tuesday, APA reports quoting USA media.

US President Donald Trump has called those behind the suicide bombing in Manchester "evil losers in life" who murdered "so many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives".

Trump's statement was largely interpreted in Israel as a sharp rebuke to the Palestinian Authority (PA) practice of paying salaries to jailed Palestinians and to the families of those who were killed while trying to carry out attacks against Israel. "He wants peace", he said.

"We must be resolute in condemning such acts in a single unified voice", Trump stressed.

Here's a list of the most tweetable faux pas from Trump's Israel visit.

He did not specifically mention the two-state solution, long the focus of global peace efforts and US Middle-East diplomacy.

Instead, he focused on stamping out terrorism.

In stressing threats from Iran, Trump echoed a theme laid out during weekend meetings in Saudi Arabia with Muslim leaders from around the world, many wary of the Islamic Republic's growing regional influence and financial muscle.

He added, "First the two-state solution must exist and be implemented".

Although Trump was the not the first president to visit the Western Wall, he was the first sitting president to do so. He came here to convey love.

US President Donald Trump, left, walks alongside Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he arrives to deliver a speech at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem yesterday. Due to its location beyond the 1967 borders, presidents have avoided visiting the site for fear it would send a message to Palestinians that the United States recognized that the wall was part of Israeli sovereign territory. Trump paused in front of the wall and then slipped a note with a prayer between its stones, as is custom.

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