Smarter Siri, More Updates Arriving with iOS 11

Smarter Siri, More Updates Arriving with iOS 11

Smarter Siri, More Updates Arriving with iOS 11

iOS 11 introduces a new feature that anyone that has managed to fill up their iPhone's storage will be able to appreciate. We should also see updated versions of both tvOS for Apple TV and watchOS for Apple Watch.

In the meantime, users interested in getting a sneak peak at Apple's forthcoming mobile OS can download the first beta over here presuming that they have an existing Apple developers account.

Until now, you had to download a standalone QR code scanning app from the App Store. With iOS 11 however, this annoyance comes to an end. A developer preview of the new operating system is now available, and a public beta for iOS users is set for release later this month.

"By blending digital objects and information with the environment around you, ARKit takes apps beyond the screen, freeing them to interact with the real world in entirely new ways", according to Apple. For instance, Apple could be saving dark mode for the OLED iPhone 8 later this fall.

iOS 11's refinement and redesign of Apple's iOS ecosystem has been the talk of the town in the past 2 days. Many concepts imagined the iPad with support for more than one user, but ultimately the feature didn't make the cut.

Apple might not be able to stem the secular decline of the tablet market, but the company is still forging ahead and continuing to deliver impressive technologies into that market. However, the sources on the Reddit thread did say that Apple did test a design with the TouchID built right into the glass but its success ratio was quite low. There would also be a new "Friends Are Listening To" section, which is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. The news is that Apple has now slashed the price of its 2TB iCloud storage plan. This change is expected to save around 50 percent of the storage space and thereby proving most effective for users with less storage on their devices. "Milanesi ticked off examples of the upcoming iOS 11 features she sees as helpful in improving the iPad Pro's position as a computer: "[The] Files [app], drag-and-drop, multiple windows.and there's a lot more there from a usability standpoint that makes you believe you can do this". Specifically, developers this week discovered an update to the Location Services pane wherein every app will now include a "While Using the App" option as it pertains to allowing location access.

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