So far, Trump effect has led only to GOP victories

Supporters react as election results for Republican candidate for Georgia's 6th Congressional District seat Karen Handel are shown on a television during an election-night. The reality in American politics is that House districts are drawn so tightly to favor one party that beating incumbents is almost impossible.

The White House had avoided commenting specifically on the much-watched Georgia race this week, saying only that Trump naturally wanted to maintain his party's majorities in the House and Senate. Trying to win on the other party's turf is usually a losing proposition.

[F] or Democrats, having failed to unseat a Republican in four special House elections in a row despite an extremely energized base, it's now a time for soul-searching - and finger-pointing.

In response, Behar again hammered Democrats for failing to get more voters to the polls. Donald Trump won that district by 18 points and it was not expected to be close.

South Carolina Democrats are seeking the same silver lining after Archie Parnell lost a congressional special election there Tuesday night by essentially the same margin as Ossoff.

The hard-fought campaign, in which Democrats poured money and effort to flip the traditionally red Georgia 6th District seat left open when Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Price was sworn in as Secretary of Health and Human Services, was won by Handel with 52 percent of the vote.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned closely with Ryan, spent more than $7 million in Georgia.

Handel becomes the first Republican woman to represent Georgia in Congress. Ossoff becomes the latest Democrat to run a widely complemented campaign in a Republican-leaning state, yet still lose.

It was enough to help Handel raise more than $5 million, not a paltry sum in a congressional race, but only about a fifth of Ossoff's fundraising haul.

"Whether she's a leader or not is up for the (Democratic) caucus to decide", Moulton said.

Pelosi could face opposition from both moderate Democrats, who see her as a drain on the party, and "Berniecrats", who resent her as a member of the party establishment.

Vox's Matthew Yglesias, who had previously compared Ossoff's crusade to "Barack Obama's 2008 campaign" reflective of a "leftward shift of the Democratic Party's message", today decried his "bland and inoffensive" image of "just a nice guy who doesn't like Donald Trump".

Republicans say Karen Handel's victory in Georgia's 6th Congressional District proves the GOP is still the dominant party in Georgia. The most prominent and effective hit on the Democratic candidate was to tie him to the congresswoman from San Francisco.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has said this week that the Senate plan would be "different" than the House plan, which has been criticised by Democrats as providing tax cuts for the rich and cutting essential medical programmes.

To note the significance, Handel also shared a story from the campaign trail of meeting a young girl who the Congresswoman-elect said had been following the race. "We need to finish the drill on health care, ' Handel said during her victory speech" in Brookhaven, Ga. Ossoff, whose campaign had been infused with $24 million from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and $8 million from other contributors, had been the projected front-runner by pollsters.

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