State officials say voting system was secure in 2016

The publication that revealed a classified National Security Agency report on alleged Russian attempts to hack USA election-related systems treats the report as possible evidence that Russia tried to rig the vote.

In Florida, voter registration data and the software used to count votes are on two separate electronic systems, as Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel emphasized on his Facebook page.

Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the ranking Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee, said Tuesday that hacking into state voting systems ahead of the November 8 vote was more widespread than has been disclosed.

"Our IT team prioritizes security", said County Recorder Adrian Fontes in the press release.

The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services and Secretary of State's Office offered aid to Humboldt County this morning after a leaked National Security Agency document alleged Russian operatives hacked into one of the county's voting system contractors, according to county officials. Even the reports of the National Security Agency reveal that they continued their trial of hacking until the last vote of US.

In late October, Russian officials sent emails with attachments that seemed as if they were from the company to county elections officials who used VR Systems software.

"I just thought it was some scam", Lewis said Tuesday. E-mails, coming credibly from a VR Systems employee, contained malware that would have allowed the GRU (although the report provides no clues as to how the attribution was made) to control the computers of these local officials. In a statement, the company appeared to confirm that it had been targeted, saying that "a handful" of customers had received fraudulent e-mails, but that there was "no indication that any of them clicked on the attachment or were compromised as a result". The White House on Thursday announced sanctions against Russian entities and individuals over alleged hacking during the 2016 USA presidential election.

He said VR Systems, which serves 64 of the 67 Florida counties, provides an electronic poll book which pulls up your voting information at the polls.

VR Systems says it was alerted to the danger by a client, and the company advised its clients not to open the suspect email.

While stating he did not want to disclose too much information for security reasons, Storm stated that county has an email filtering system in place that he said would have been able to pick up the fake VR Systems emails.

Floyd County is one of six IN counties that uses VR Systems, according to a report by the Indianapolis Star.

The alleged source for the NSA document, a 25-year-old government contractor in Georgia named Reality Leigh Winner, was charged with transmitting classified information Monday, just hours after the document was published.

"We'd like to make sure we go that extra step to make sure the voters in our community are confident in their votes", she said.

The Intercept, a digital magazine founded by journalists involved in the release of documents leaked by NSA contractor Edward Snowden, said some material was withheld at USA intelligence agencies' request because it wasn't "clearly in the public interest".

The report did not say what the hackers were trying to accomplish, and any investigation of the computers of people who were targeted would be the jurisdiction of the FBI. The more complicated our system gets, and the fewer guarantees we can make about its integrity, the worse this dilemma becomes.

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