Steve Kerr thought original technical foul was called on Draymond Green

After getting ejected - but not really ejected - Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green had some harsh words for Clevelanders after Friday's game.

"I don't pay that much attention to anybody in Cleveland, honestly", he said. It is safe to say that he did not... They told her that the officials told them to give Green a tech in the first half, but in the third quarter (when everyone thought Green was going to be ejected), the refs said that the first half tech shouldn't have been called on Green.

It was quite an intense sequence of events that saw Green go from being thrown out of the game to staying in with one technical to his name.

Draymond Green has not made many fans in the Buckeye state during his career.

The box was changed after the third quarter to indicate Kerr had received the first technical.

The incident occurred with one minute, 54 seconds remaining in the opening frame of Game 4 with the Warriors trailing 37-27. The problem then worsened when the officials didn't catch the public address announcer saying it was called on Green. However, it was announced over the PA as a technical on Draymond.

Late in Game 4 previous year, Green swiped at LeBron James' groin and was subsequently given a flagrant foul. The Cavs will have to win that game to keep the series alive.

Draymond Green is a vocal player whose energy sometimes gets the best of him.

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