Suspect in Ohio Triple Murder Killed 2 Others: Cops

Brinkman Jr., 45, of Brunswick, is suspected in the deaths of a North Royalton mother and her two daughters and a married couple in North Canton.

A vigil and memorial event is planned for the mother, Suzanne Taylor, and two daughters found dead in their home on Sunday night. She found the three women dead and lying next to each other face down on the same bed.

Stark County filed murder charges against Brinkman on Tuesday.

The Stark County Sheriff's Office stated it has two arrest warrants for Brinkman and he will be charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of the couple. When Suzanne Taylor's boyfriend said he hadn't heard from them, he stayed on the phone and instructed the younger man to go in the home and check on the women. Brinkman previously dated the couple's daughter, reported

On Tuesday, Stark County Sheriff George Maier said that Brinkman had been employed by the couple for several years. The next day around 4pm, Rogell John's son called 911 to report that he'd found his father, 71, and stepmother, 64, dead under blankets in their bedroom, their luggage "still by the stairs".

Detective Dave Loeding, North Royalton Police Department, said the suspect had evidence in his possession that tied him to the Johns' deaths.

Brinkman was thought to be an employee of a business owned by the Johns, but Maier said he did not have details about the business or how long Brinkman had been an employee.

After an overnight standoff with Brunswick Police, Brinkman was taken into custody Tuesday morning. The standoff began around 9 p.m. Monday at a Brunswick, Ohio, home, the Brunswick Division of Police said at a news conference this morning.

Police say the suspect had a handgun and was subdued with a stun gun. No shots were fired.

Brinkman did, however, serve prison time for multiple counts of forgery, receiving stolen property and other crimes in the 1990s, according to Cuyahoga County court records.

George Brinkman, 48, is charged with three counts of aggravated murder, three counts kidnapping and one count of tampering with evidence, North Royalton Det.

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