US sends supersonic bombers in show of force against N.Korea

US sends supersonic bombers in show of force against N.Korea

US sends supersonic bombers in show of force against N.Korea

Seoul's defence ministry said the bombers engaged in routine exercises with South Korean fighter jets aimed at showing deterrence against North Korea.

On June 20, 2 B1-B Lancer bombers flew from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam to conduct mission with two South Korean air force F-15s in the Korean peninsula.

The exercise comes at a time of heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula as North Korea continues to test-fire ballistic missiles in defiance of global warnings.

"Our Air Force plans to hold a joint drill with two B-1Bs in the sky of the Korean Peninsula today", Lieutenant Colonel Kim Sung-duk, a public relations officer of the South Korean Air Force, told reporters on Tuesday.

Susan Thornton, the US acting assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, said this first edition of the new "US-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue" would focus on North Korea.

The rumored "decapitation plan" to target Kim and key deputies in the event fighting broke out on the peninsula first surfaced in late 2015, when the USA and South Korea signed "Operation Plan 5015", a joint strategy for possible war scenarios with North Korea.

South Korea voted for a United Nations human rights resolution against North Korea for the first time in 2006, but abstained in 2007, when the second inter-Korean summit was held.

"We continue to urge China to exert its unique leverage as North Korea's largest trading partner, including by fully implementing all UN Security Council sanctions", she said, referring to efforts to halt Pyongyang's nuclear program. The move sparked protests in South Korea, as some citizens see THAAD as an additional motive for North Korea to strike. But neither the USA nor North Korea has showed signs of compromising.

The flights come one day after Otto Warmbier, an American college student held by North Korea for 17 months, died in US after being released last week.

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