We stopped using 'Fair & Balanced' marketing last summer

Last July Ailes resigned as chairman and CEO of Fox News after a number of current and former female employees came forward to accuse him of sexual harassmen

We stopped using 'Fair & Balanced' marketing last summer

Instead of "Fair & Balanced", the network has favored the "Most Watched".

Fox News Headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. But it's fair to wonder how long Hannity will stick around in this new climate, working for bosses who don't pride themselves on trolling liberals and eschewing political correctness.

The old slogan has been used since Ailes founded the cable news network back in 1996.

A Fox News spokesperson confirmed that the network hasn't used the slogan in external marketing or on-air promotions since August 2016, but said "the shift has nothing to do with programming or editorial decisions". A job candidate who went to one'a those liberal arts schools? Executives chose to change the slogan in August, New York Magazine reported. Ailes was sued by former Fox personality Gretchen Carlson for sexual harassment last summer, and he was sacked in August, when the slogan was quietly shelved.

Ailes wasn't the only one who plagued the network. These revelations prompted advertisers to pull ads from the show's airtime, O'Reilly was forced to take an indefinite hiatus, and on April 19, Fox News announced O'Reilly would not be returning to the show. One insider told the outlet that the slogan had "been mocked" while another executive said the tagline was "too closely associated with Roger".

"I will say the same thing".

Inside Fox, Ailes held "Fair & Balanced" seminars with staff members.

Sources at the network said there had been no official announcement regarding the change.

While we've spent the a year ago being distracted by a continuous, raging dumpster fire of very bad news, Fox News quietly moved away from its iconic "Fair and Balanced" slogan and no one really noticed.

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