Don't expect that Samsung Bixby smart speaker anytime soon

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.   Drew Angerer  Getty Images

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Drew Angerer Getty Images

Smart speakers, it seems, along with VR/AR, are the next big thing. Of course this is crucial to a smart speaker device as it won't have manual input or a touchscreen, at least not as a primary control. To name those who started the hierarchy which was at first introduced by Amazon Echo, include Google, Apple, Lenovo, Essential, Harman Kardon, HP etc. Until Samsung can make more meaningful progress in its development of Bixby, its new smart speaker is unlikely to come to market anytime soon. However, the features of the product are not yet revealed.

Samsung has already been three months behind the Bixby English language release and considering that Home speakers are predominantly used in the English-speaking countries, Samsung will want to try and clear those discrepancies.

Samsung is developing its own suite of voice-controlled devices.

Amazon's Echo covers 70 percent of the US market involving the "connected speakers", Google Home captures around 24 percent - reports by eMarketer, a research firm said. By the end of the year, it's estimated that 36 million Americans will be using smart speakers. Last week, it emerged that Samsung is still scrambling to assemble the resources and tools it needs to develop Bixby's capabilities, including a lack of data and foreign language experts.

Would Samsung be wise to get into this arena?

A Samsung spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal that the company doesn't comment on rumors and speculation. The specifications are expected to be revealed by the company by next spring as per the sources.

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