How Warren turned into an enthusiastic supporter of single-payer health care

UNITED STATES- MAY 18 Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass. questions Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin during a Senate Banking Committee hearing in Dirksen Building titled “Domestic and International Policy Update,”

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"It is time for Democrats and Republicans to work together to build on the successes of the Affordable Care Act, not to undermine families' access to insurance and the health care they need".

Elizabeth Warren told The Wall Street Journal this week that "President [Barack] Obama tried to move us forward with healthcare coverage by using a conservative model that came from one of the conservative think tanks that had been advanced by a Republican governor in MA". Warren also called out Democrats, saying, "Now it's time for the next step. And the next step is single payer", Warren told the Wall Street Journal. "We talk about how the middle class has just taken one punch after another for almost 40 years now", she told the crowd.

While the city of Lowell voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, Trump carried four of the five other towns in the area.

The latest round of polling, which shows approval numbers for the Senate healthcare reform legislation hovering in the mid-teens, is 50 shades of bad for Republicans.

The 142-page Senate bill - the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 - imposes deep cuts to Medicaid, a government health programme for low-income Americans. "And the next step is single payer", she said, adding that the key to Democratic wins is adopting a more "progressive" approach.

If you haven't been tracking Warren's statements closely, you might be surprised to learn that she's never said this before. "It's not like we're trying to sell stuff that people don't want". It's not that at all.

What did Warren say?

Well, it looks like Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Republicans do actually agree on one thing.

In New York, another state working on a single-payer plan, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried pointed to mounting opposition to the GOP's Senate plan in Washington as potentially being the catalyst needed to ignite single-payer schemes.

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