Man accused of shooting at AT&T trucks told police he went 'bananas'

AT&T truck bullets

Man accused of shooting at AT&T trucks told police he went 'bananas'

A footage showing Jorge Jove, a 64-year-old retired Miami-Dade firefighter, shooting at the vehicles' tires surfaced on social media.

He told the dispatcher there was someone still in the bucket raised above the truck being shot at. When they informed him they'd move as soon as the job was finished, Jove went back inside and emerged "moments" later with a revolver, firing away and reloading several times. "Apparently, he got upset for some reason, went into his house - they thought that was the end of that, but then he came out with a gun".

"He flattened their tires". Now he's facing two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and felony vandalism. He shot into the bodies of the trucks. "He's shooting out the engines and everything", says Taylor in the three-minute video, punctuated by the occasional gunshot.

"It was a bondable offense", Hialeah Police Department spokesman Sgt. Carl Zogby told CBS Miami. "And he's shooting out the engine on the trucks and everything".

"There's a guy shooting out my tires".

WTVJ reports police officers arrived at his home after neighbors heard shots being fired.

That's exactly what one extremely angry Florida man decided was the bst course of acion after a pair of AT&T trucks pulled up to carry out works, partially blocking his driveway. The second worker was lifted up to work on one of the telephone lines when Jove began shooting at the trucks.

Jove was taken into custody by local police and was held for questioning.

In a statement to WPLG-TV reporter, AT&T said, "We're grateful nobody was hurt, and we're working with law enforcement in their investigation".

Remarkably, the AT&T worker stood out in the open, filming Jove throughout the episode.

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