Missing RDU employee found alive in Virginia Beach

Missing RDU employee found alive in Virginia Beach

Missing RDU employee found alive in Virginia Beach

Airport officials said there was no evidence she was under duress.

Friends and relatives of 24-year-old Allison Cope are anxious she might be in serious danger, as she left both her purse and cellphone behind at her job - something they insist in social media posts she would never have done willingly. Around 3 p.m. a badge swipe shows Cope clocked out for what RDU police say was her scheduled break.

Investigators haven't found any evidence that a crime happened at the airport, the News & Observer reported Thursday. Suarez said she has known Cope for three years and is one of many friends who believe there are more to these surveillance photos.

"She just walked into the bathroom for a couple of minutes, that's it, she walked back outside", he said. Please share! She was last seen at the RDU airport where she works.

Police say she was officially reported missing at 7 p.m. Monday night when she never returned after leaving for her break.

'She has her phone glued to her 24/7 so I don't think she'd drive off into the universe with no phone, ' Kosinski said.

With the Federal Bureau of Investigation helping local law enforcement authorities find Cope, investigators said they believe Cope left the airport parking lot in her silver Ford Fusion.

'She's like sunshine. Everybody sees her, she's happy, she smiles, she lights up a room. Her co-workers assumed she was just running out to her vehicle for a bit, but when she didn't return, they started to get anxious. "She's always been the most reliable person", said Carlee Suarez.

RDU Police say the auto, a 2014 silver Ford Fusion, has a North Carolina license plate that reads EHA 2771. It also has a window wrap of the non-profit Change of Heart Pitbull Rescue.

'We would go on road trips like five hours away to adopt out a dog and she would always go with me. Sarah Kosinski, who is Allison's roommate and the founder of Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescue, said she knows Allison better than anyone, and to just disappear without contacting anyone isn't like her.

Cope has been working at the Starbucks chain for four years.

Authorities later launched an investigation, which included the FBI and SBI.

'The FBI is assisting our local law enforcement partners with the RDU airport police. "Any additional questions should be directed to RDU".

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