Musk says received 'verbal' OK for NY-DC hyperloop; provides no


Musk says received 'verbal' OK for NY-DC hyperloop; provides no

Signalling that Mr Musk's tweets may be premature, the press secretary for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted a reply: "This is news to City Hall".

Elon Musk - the serial entrepreneur who heads Tesla, SpaceX and now The Boring Company - says he "just received verbal [government] approval" to build a new underground hyperloop network that can shuttle commuters between the two cities in 29 minutes.

Billionaire Musk said the system would be "city centre to city centre" and go travel more than 300 miles from NY to Washington in 29 minutes.

Though he has yet to clarify what sort of permission the Boring Co. has to dig, Musk later Tweeted: "Still a lot of work needed to receive formal approval, but am optimistic that will occur rapidly".

Currently, the Amtrak train system connects the nation's capital to Baltimore, Philadelphia and on to New York City.

Requested, the us department of Transportation has returned to a spokesman for the White House, which has not confirmed the agreement.

Musk, who has been touting his plans for the high-speed rail option for years, followed up his Tweets with, "If you want this to happen fast, please let your local & federal elected representatives know".

The tunnels would house Boring Company founder Elon Musk's innovative "Hyperloop" - a system in which train auto type pods are launched through a tunnel with a near vaccuum seal at extremely high speeds.

If Musk could indeed build a high-speed route between the United States' economic and political centers, it could be a game-changer for the east coast. "Makes a big difference if they hear from you", he wrote. This reported approval does not give The Boring Company the thumbs up to start digging tunnels under major cities.

Now, it can't be understated that Musk is speaking about uncited verbal permission he received from unnamed government personnel, so how far along The Boring Company is to making this new plan a reality is uncertain.

In a white piper, Musk speculates a Hyperloop between Los Angeles and San Francisco - a distance of about 383 miles, according to Google Maps - would cost $6 billion.

The purported approval has come through Musk's nascent enterprise, The Boring Company.

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