Pinkett Smith: 'I was a drug dealer'

Pinkett Smith: 'I was a drug dealer'

Pinkett Smith: 'I was a drug dealer'

"When I was coming out of the life, he was going more into the life", Smith said.

The "Gotham" actress addressed the rumor that she and Will Smith party with other couples during an appearance on Thursday night's "Watch What Happens Live". Yeah, we just really like each other!' With the Shakur biopic "All Eyez on Me" now in theaters, she's been on fire about the movie's "reimagining" of their relationship, last month calling it "very hurtful".

"I really think that Will and I just have unbelievable chemistry on a lot of different levels". Yeah, I guess that is the secret. "We just really like each other!" It took a second before Jada laughed off that it was one about her and Will being Hollywood's notorious swingers.

Shakur's sad fate still troubles Pinkett Smith to this day, although she insists that she has no interest in protecting his legacy.

The "Matrix Reloaded" star has always maintained she befriended the "Changes" hitmaker when they attended Baltimore's School of Arts in Maryland together, but now she has opened up about the real story behind their relationship. She shared it for the first time because she had that bad time when she was having an "existential crisis around Pac because I was coming out, he was coming in".

"When we first met, I was a drug dealer", Pinkett Smith said of her relationship with Tupac. "And this is something that I must constantly confront", it continued.

She and her A-list husband have been together for over 23 years and have two teenage children together, Jayden and Willow. "And we love being a family and thats what gets us through", she says.

"Don't do that!" she said - and she even repeated it.

"You never get to be racist when you're black", Smith said, according to CBS. And I know that people will still want to connect us in a way romantic, but it is just because they do not know the history.

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