Reis, Severin join Democrats to pass budget amendment

Reis, Severin join Democrats to pass budget amendment

Reis, Severin join Democrats to pass budget amendment

Some business leaders have taken the bull by the horns and, while continuing to complain loudly about the budget mess, have also proposed solutions. "There's much work yet to be done", Madigan said following the vote.

Lawmaker have called it a day in the Illinois House as they fail to get a budget in ahead of the midnight deadline.

The announcement by Madigan, a Chicago Democrat, came just a day after a harmonious House, tired of the two-year standoff with Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, overwhelmingly approved a $36.5 billion spending plan on a preliminary vote.

House budget votes require Republican support to meet a three-fifths majority needed for passage. Here's my commitment: I am committing to vote for this amendment and I'm also committing to put Republican votes on this. "It's damaging to communities I represent". It's damaging across the board.

But the days of being able to get by are coming to an end.

"Many people will be voting no and I respect them. they know their constituents", Rep. David Harris said.

"We are close", Durkin said. "Rank-and-file have come together and asked not only the (legislative) leaders but the governor, for everyone to understand what your responsibility and role is here and let us do our work".

"We have to do something". We are going to need everyone -downstate, upstate, Chicago, Cairo - to implore their representatives to support step two in this balanced budget. That is one notch above junk bond level, Wall Street slang for investments so risky they have to pay sky-high interest rates to tempt any investor to risk their money. "If you lose your accreditation, it affects your students and employees", Bennett said.

Saturday marks the first day of a new fiscal year - meaning the state will enter its third straight year without a budget.

Still to be voted on is a final spending bill, a tax increase package and a possible bill to institute a temporary surcharge to help pay down a portion of the state's $15 billion backlog of unpaid bills.

"I don't believe that we're that far apart, but saying that we're going to gavel out right now and return at some point tomorrow to me does not send a message to Illinoisans that we're prepared to bring this to resolution anytime soon", Durkin said.

Rauner's preconditions for a deal include reducing businesses' workers' compensation expenses, reducing the state's pension costs, a freeze of local property taxes, and creating a path for local government consolidation.

The Democratic budget vote has been scheduled after a week's worth of negotiations on both spending and Gov. Bruce Rauner's political and economic agenda. "It spends 36.5, I think, billion dollars, which is 800 million dollars less than even the governor wanted to spend", said Lang.

Rauner says he'll keep calling special sessions until legislators pass a budget.

What was in House's bill?

After decades of fiscal mismanagement, IL faces $15 billion in unpaid bills and owes a whopping quarter-trillion dollars to public employees when they retire. Debts, pension debts and annual deficits pile up as citizens flee the state: The U.S. Census Bureau reports that more than 37,000 people moved out of IL in 2016, the biggest loss in the nation. "Elementary and secondary schools may not open in the fall".

- MAP grants for needy college and university students would be funded.

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